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SCM 10702-1
Carr, Samuel John Letter, January 8, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864). Comments the distress his personal reputation has caused his family, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-1 Curtis, Benjamin R, Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court Letter, March 16, 1857, to William Carroll, Clerk Supreme Court. Concerning a draft of his decision on the case of Scott vs. Emerson. [Dred Scott], 1857/03/16. MSA SC 4201-11-2 Curtis, Benjamin R. Assoc. Justice, U. S. Supreme Court. Letters, April 2, 6, 9, 13, 1857, to William Thomas Carroll, clerk Supreme Court. Request by Mr. Curtis for copy of the Supreme Court decision of Scott vs. Emerson; 4 items [Dred Scott], 1857/04. MSA SC 4201-11-3 Curtis, Banjamin R. Assoc. Justice Letter, May 13, 1857, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864). Regarding the requested copy of the Dred Scott Decision, 1857/05/13. MSA SC 4201-11-4 Curtis, Charles P. and William Thomas Carroll Letters, March 16, 27, and April 6, 8, 1857. About a requested copy of the opinion of the Chief Justice (Taney) on the Scott vs. Sanford Case, 1857. MSA SC 4201-11-5 Donelson, Emily Letter, n. d, to Elizabeth Taney (b.1810). Invitation to visit, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-6 Garland, I. Letters, February 1, 3, 1837 to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864) asking Mr. Taney to be witness at a committee, 1837. MSA SC 4201-11-7 Hunt, I. W, Jr. Letter, April 27, 1831, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855) expresses his desire that Mr. Morton visit them in Baltimore, 1831/04/27. MSA SC 4201-11-8 Hunt, I. W. Jr. Letter, November 17, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855) social life in Baltimore, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-9 LLoyd, Edward (d.1834), Gov. of Maryland (1809-1811) Letter, October 19, 1830, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864) concerning the politics of appointment of County Prosecutor, 1830/10/19. MSA SC 4201-11-10 McLean, Cornelius, Jr. Letter, July 19, 18[5]4, to William Krebs concerning Executive committee of the Jackson Republican Convention, 18[5]4/07/19. MSA SC 4201-11-11 Madison, James, Pres.(1751-1836) Article by Mr. Madison published in the Federalist, No. 19, p. 241; hand copied by Mr. Taney, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-12 Mann, Joel K. Letter, n. d, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864) and Madam Taney (1783-1855). Regrets invitation to dine, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-13 Marshall, Richard H. Letter, February 18, 1848, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855) about research of a lot in Cumberland, Md, and other personal matters, 1848/02/18. MSA SC 4201-11-14 Marshall, Richard H. Letter, May 30, 1849, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855). Investigation of a lot in Cumberland, Md, 1849/05/30. MSA SC 4201-11-15 Perine, David Maulden (1796-1882) Letter, October 21, 1864, to Elias Glenn Perine (1829-1922) regarding will of Roger Brooke Taney (1777-1864); David Perine, executor, 1864/10/21. MSA SC 4201-11-16 Potts, George Murdoch (1805-1893) Letter, July 11, 1849, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864) sending some family letters advertised in the Fredeick Post Office, 1849/07/11. MSA SC 4201-11-17 Rochefoucault, Countess Letter, February 7, 1834 requesting appointment so she can deliver a letter in person. (Translation), 1834/02/07. MSA SC 4201-11-18 Scott, Upton Letter, May 4, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855) sending an article from the Baltimore Patriot that refers to the commission of her father, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-19 Scott, Upton Letter, May 9, 1849, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855) concerning a commission to John Ross Key (1754-1821), 1849/05/09. MSA SC 4201-11-20 Taney, Raphael Copy of a petition, March 1761, to the Court of Frederick County, concerning a wagon road into Baltimore, 1761. MSA SC 4201-11-21 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, January 7, 1811, to Joseph Chapline about property dispute between Chapline and Mr. Garrott, 1811/01/07. MSA SC 4201-11-22 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, January 20, 1820, Annapolis, to Anne Key Taney (1783-1855). Family matters, 1820/01/20. MSA SC 4201-11-23 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, March 20, 1826, to William Murdoch Beall (1789-1847). Power to vote shares in bank stock, 1826/03/20. MSA SC 4201-11-24 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, January 5, 1830, to Col. John McPherson (1796-1874) acceptance of retainer, 1830/01/05. MSA SC 4201-11-25 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, July 4, 1832. Refers to the renewal of the charter of the Second Bank of the United States, 1832/07/04. MSA SC 4201-11-26 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, October 9, 1832, to Mrs. R. B. Taney (1783-1855). Family matters, 1832/10/09. MSA SC 4201-11-27 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, [1832 or 1833] to [Pres.Andrew Jackson] confirming his earlier opinion that removal of deposit from the Bank of the U. S. would be legal, 1832 ca. MSA SC 4201-11-28 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, April 11, 1834, to the Honorable John Forsyth. Letter (draft). Comments on renewal of charter of the U. S. Bank. Letter, April 15, 1835, to Louis McLane. Controversy over executor of estate of Jas. A. Bayard, 1834/04/11. MSA SC 4201-11-29 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, February 2, 1837, to Honorable James Garland, House of Representatives, declining request to appear as witness before committee during court term, 1837/02/02. MSA SC 4201-11-30 Taney, Roger Brooke 1777-1864) Letter, October 21, 1837, to Col. John McPherson (1796-1874). Statement of respect for McPherson family, 1837/10/21. MSA SC 4201-11-31 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, November 4, 1839, to Pres. Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Observations on William Duanes's book concerning removal of government deposits from the Bank of the U. S, 1839/11/04. MSA SC 4201-11-32 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, March 20, 1840, to Pres. Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Handwritten [draft] concerning the Bank of the United States, 1840/03/20. MSA SC 4201-11-33 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, March 22, 1840, to Pres. Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Additional observations concerning the Bank of the United States, 1840/03/22. MSA SC 4201-11-34 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, April 29, 1840, to Thomas H. Belt. Discussion of letter of introduction in Iowa, 1840/04/29. MSA SC 4201-11-35 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, January 4, 1844, to Pres. Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) about a visit to Norfolk Navy Yard, results of elections, 1844/01/04. MSA SC 4201-11-36 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letters, 1850-1864, to David Maulden Perine (1829-1922), copies by Washington Perine, March 20, 1925. Personal matters, 1850-1864. MSA SC 4201-11-37 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, April 14, 1850, to Phoebe Campbell (b.1836). Describes to his granddaughter the blooms in the Capitol grounds, 1850/04/14. MSA SC 4201-11-38 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, April 6, 1857, to William T. Carroll. Taney's directive that no copy of the Supreme Court's decision on the case of Dred Scott vs. Sandford be given to anyone until printed and ready for general distribution, 1857/04/06. MSA SC 4201-11-39 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, April 28, 1857, to Justice Benjamin R. Curtis concerning the Dred Scott Decision, 1857/04/28. MSA SC 4201-11-40 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, June 11, 1857, to Benjamin R. Curtis concerning their correspondence re: Dred Scott Decision, 1857/06/11. MSA SC 4201-11-41 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Letter, June 20, 1857, to Hon. Benjamin R. Curtis about dispute over the Dred Scott Decision, 1857/06/20. MSA SC 4201-11-42 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Autobiography, December 1846, 1846. MSA SC 4201-12-43 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Comments, 1834, on Horace Binney's speech on removal of government deposits in Bank on U. S, 1834. MSA SC 4201-12-44 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Interrogatories by House of Representatives, concerning the Bank of the U.S. and the answers by Mr. Taney. n.d, n. d. MSA SC 4201-11-45 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Literary material copied by Mr. Taney; six items, n. d. MSA SC 4201-12-46 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Marriage certificate of Mr. Taney and Ann Phoebe Carlton Key (1783-1855); copy 1948, 1948. MSA SC 4201-12-47 Taney,Roger Brooke(1777-1864) Notes on several treason cases at the Circuit Court, November term 1861, 1861. MSA SC 4201-12-48 Taney, Roger Brooke (177-1864) Opinion, August 28, 18[10], case of Col. McPherson vs. Tenny and Ober; mentions Valentine Reintzel, 18[10]/08/28. MSA SC 4201-12-49 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Opinion, February 7, 1816, on will of Nathan Hammond; mentions "Timber Plenty", Thomas Hammond, Ormond Hammond, 1816/02/07. MSA SC 4201-12-50 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Opinion, undated, on the Charter of the Bank of the United States, n. d. MSA SC 4201-12-51 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Opinion, undated, on the constitutionality of the establishing of the Bank of the United States, n. d. MSA SC 4201-12-52 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Receipt, from Mathias Bartgis (1759-1825). Concerning printing done by Bartgis for Mr. Taney, n. d. MSA SC 4201-12-53 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Remarks on correspondence with Judge Curtis [1857] relating to copy of the Dred Scott Decision that Mr. Curtis had requested, n. d. MSA SC 4201-12-54 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Speech in Court House yard at public festival given to Mr. Taney by the Jackson Republicans of Frederick County, Maryland, August 6, 1834, 1834.08.06. MSA SC 4201-12-55 Taney, Roger Brooke (1777-1864) Summons, September 16, 1808, Richard L. Head vs. Henry Leatherman, 1808/09/16. MSA SC 4201-12-56 U. S. House of Representatives Resolution, January 3, 1837, to investigate bank's business with Treasury Department, 1837/01/03. MSA SC 4201-12-57 Wayne, James M. (1790-1867) Assoc. Justice, U. S. Supreme Court Letter, April 24, 1857, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864). Concerning Justice Benjamin R. Curtis and Dred Scott Decision, 1857/02/24. MSA SC 4201-12-58 Wright, Thomas, 3rd Letter, March 14, 1834, to Roger B. Taney (1777-1864). Transmitting an enclosed resolution of Maryland House of Delegates; (enclosure missing), 1834/03/14. MSA SC 4201-12-59
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