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This Niles’ Register search tool permits searches on topics and articles in the weekly news publication founded by Hezekiah Niles in Baltimore, Maryland. The Weekly Register and its succeeding titles, Niles’ Weekly Register and Niles’ National Register, were published from 1811-1849 by several editors in Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia. The content was national and international in scope, so significant events of nineteenth-century America and the world are covered in its pages.

The index features 408,000 entries relating to events, people, places, and things, as well as more than 28,000 individuals cited by standardized names.

This cumulative index was compiled, edited, and designed by William H. "Bill" Earle beginning in 1995. He offered subscriptions to access the content and continued expanding and updating his website until 2018. In that year, Mr. Earle donated the Cumulative Index database to the Maryland State Archives to supply the public with free, online access to his resources.

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No extra formatting is needed when searching for multiple, single-word terms. For example, the following searches are completely acceptable as-is:

    Alabama newspapers
    railroads Baltimore
    Chesapeake sailor

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    "Bank of America"
    "John Quincy Adams"
    "economic conditions"

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    "Patuxent River" "Joshua Barney"
    "District of Columbia" "banks and banking"
    "New York City" "James Monroe" "United States"
    "Niles' Register" Maryland

This search is not case-sensitive. For instance, searches for "thomas jefferson" and "Thomas Jefferson" will return the same results.

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To look up an entry in a scanned version of the Niles' Register, click on the Volume Links & Publication History link in the left sidebar. Then, browse through the table at the bottom of the page to find the desired volume and click on its corresponding link. A page will open to a scanned version of the volume, where the preferred page number can be entered into the textbox labeled Jump To.